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We all have probably been in position where you struggle to open a case of bottled water, and then continue to struggle to take out the next bottle. Struggle no more, as the internet has found a very clever way to save you time when it comes to dispensing water bottles. 

We all know the old ‘fingerooskee’ where you stick you finger in the plastic to create a hole which you can further tear open as you go deeper into the case for more water. But, there is evidently a much better way.

A clever hack has been making the rounds showing how to dispense water bottles with a strategic cut down the middle of the case. Once the cut is made, the case is then split in half to expose the bottles for easy reach.

One person shared how to spit the case open in a less strenuous way.

Who knew we needed this hack. Don’t worry parents, as you will now easily be able to give the kids soccer team water in less time.

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