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In today's selfie-obsessed culture, why should our precious canine counterparts be left behind? That's what our favourite mad scientist, Simone Giertz, thought. So, here we are, introducing the dog selfie booth... it's a treat!

Okay, everyone, it's time to send the cuteness level to the stars. Here is a dog selfie booth that will have those holster-howlers dying to get their paws on one.

Simone Giertz is the engineer who makes everyone smile. She's a geek who makes inventing fun, and is one of our favourite YouTubers ever!

Simone made a name for herself by inventing "sh!#ty robots" a few years ago. Shas made some terrific inventions in the past, from a lipstick robot that made a mess of the makeup to asking an astronaut inappropriate questions, she's done it all.

In this video, with thanks to the guys at LEGO, she decided to build a selfie booth for her beloved Poodle, Scraps. The premise is simple: using LEGO MindStorms, she will create a mechanism that, when her doggie presses a paw-pedal, the system will dispense doggie treats while taking a picture at the same time.

Simple, right? Well, maybe you should give it a go!

Anyway, in the video below, Simone gives us the rundown of the preparation, the build, and the results of her LEGO experiment. Will it work? Well, you'll have to press play to find out. Hint: Scraps is soooo cute!

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