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Recently a social media trend has parents worried about what their children are exposed to. And despite that, it has once again proved that trends that sounds kid-friendly, aren’t always what it appears to be. The new trend is regarding a blue teddy bear like character which originated from a recently released survival horror game. The character named Huggy Wuggy, has gone viral on YouTube, TikTok and Roblox. 

Even though the names makes it sound like he is a member of a related Teletubbies show, it is the opposite. Just by reading the game’s song lyrics about Huggy Wuggy, "His name is Huggy, Huggy Wuggy. When he hugs you, he'll never stop... He'll squeeze you until you pop”, it is clear that there is something wrong.  

Due to the characters innocent-sounding name, it is able to pass YouTube's parental control radar. Despite the character appearing in the horror game, it has also made its way into popular online content like Peppa Pig, scaring innocent children.

Schools around the world are warning parents about the "deceiving character" with one principal in the UK, David Hegarty wrote on Facebook, "It has been brought to my attention that a character named 'Huggy Wuggy' is being viewed by our children online. The character can be easily viewed on YouTube channels and is a teddy bear with razor-sharp teeth that sings worrying songs about hugging and killing. In one of the videos, the bear asks the viewer to take their last breath. It is a very deceiving character, as hugs should be seen as something kind and loving. 

Principal’s such as UK-based principal Justine Brown have reported that children started mimicking the game on the playground by "hugging and whispering nasty things in the recipient's ear”. Despite this, the horror character with razor teeth, has also found its way on gaming platforms. One UK mom Beth Buxton, reported that her three-year-old son is suffering from affects after spotting Huggy Wuggy while his sisters played on the gaming platform Roblox.

Buxton stated, "He got to the stage where he didn't know the difference between reality and gaming. He tried to climb up my bedroom window, saying he would die and come back to life, telling me that's what Huggy Wuggy does.”

"We have banned Roblox and put locks on YouTube. I have window locks being installed next week because he is still thinking about it. There are numerous terrifying characters in these games". 

Experts have warned parents that they should address this problem as soon as possible. And as US-based Editorial Director of Parents.com Melissa Bykofsky suggested, parents should address this trend with their children to see if they've been exposed to the character. 

"The biggest thing is just communication, making sure that your kids know that if they are scared or concerned about anything they see, anything their friends are talking about, they can come to their parents". 

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