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These are the top 80 hilarious Tweets shared by parents about their kids, try not to laugh at these:

4yr old: "Daddy, you can have this Parmesan bread bite."
Me: "Aww thank you sweetie."
*eats bread bite*
4yr old: "I licked the Parmesan off for you."

Parent: "My preschooler is a pretty picky eater for someone who snacks on boogers all day"

Parent: "YOU KNOW I HATE WHITE CHEESE!!!" screams my son, who for the last year of his life would literally only eat white cheese.

Parent: "Carter you need to eat your dinner please"
Carter: " Ughhhh I just can't. My back hurts"

Parent: "Eat the whole thing"
Kid: *Eats the whole thing in one bite, gags, spits it out, end of dinner, goes to play with cars*

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