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A (parody... but probably not) peep into the universe of a YouTuber shows just how the industry works.

These days, being an Instagram model/YouTube influencer is considered a professional career. I mean, what could be more difficult than talking about yourself and looking glamorous all day. The awful truth about these YouTube careers is that they have bred a generation that is so hungry for attention, they are willing to do just about anything. The problem is that when these Youtube stars get to the top, a lot of them become negative influences and promote narcissistic behaviour.

It's almost as if YouTube fame excuses the terrible behaviour, as if getting arrested makes them more famous instead of being a punishment. It seems that a simple follow up video with something that resembles an apology can make the world forgive and forget about almost any behaviour.

Although the "how to be famous on YouTube" video seems ridiculous, the sad part is that it's not far off.

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