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A little over a year ago, Rebecca Shaw adopted two adorable pet pigs named Hamlet and Mary. The two piggies happily live out their days at home in Connecticut. “I’ve been in love with them ever since. They are amazing.”

However it wasn’t until a recent unexpected incident where Hamlet and Mary proved just how amazing they really are. Hamlet and Mary were going about their normal day in their enclosed pigpen, when an unexpected visitor dropped in. Literally. A huge black bear found his way to the pen and decided to climb in. He was definitely not shy about letting his presence be known. 

When the bear reached the pigpen, and saw the pudgy-faced occupants, he decided to climbed up over the fencing and join them. Perhaps the bear thought that these pigs were pushovers and maybe an easy snack or playmate. He was way wrong. The moment the bear stepped foot in Hamlet and Mary’s pen, they were ready. The two quickly teamed up to fight off the stranger and to send the bear packing.

The bear clearly didn’t expect his day to turn out like that and definitely didn’t expect to be beaten by two chubby pigs. There is always a first for everything. After getting pounced on and Mary putting up a valiant fight, Hamlet stepped in to do the final move and drive the bear away for good. Amazingly, neither were hurt in the scuffle.

Even though Shaw has always loved her two pigs, seeing the video of their heroism in action, she can't help but love them even more.

"Thank goodness they were unharmed because it could’ve turned out much worse. Mary is usually the protector, and Hamlet is usually afraid of his own shadow, but I’m so proud of him because he showed how brave he can be. I am so grateful and so proud of them."

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