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The comedic actor, Adam Sandler, is not just a regular movie star – he's also a star on the basketball court. The now-bearded Sandler recently stepped on the court for a game of pick-up basketball in Long Island – and soon went viral for his street-ball skills. 

Fans couldn't help but notice Sandler's choice of outfit for the game. While dressed in a pink collar shirt and baggy pants, the Grownups star still sparked some flames on the court. Many fans commented, pointing out their amazement with his attire and wrote: "Adam Sandler playing with a collar shirt".

The video of the game of the fully-bearded Sandler soon went viral, with fans praising his quality basketball skills.

The actor is known to participate in random pick-up basketball games. He's seen at one point in the game setting a solid screen before getting the ball back at the top of the key. He quickly read the defence and fired a pass to a teammate who was open and waiting on the wing for a wide-open three-pointer but missed the shot. Still praising the actor for his skill, critics online did plead with Sandler to find better outside shooters after the ball bounced away.

One Twitter user wrote: "It's that time of year again where Adam Sandler pulls up in baggy clothes and balls on the public." Fans have also wondered why the basketball fanatic hasn't made a basketball movie. Perhaps he will get to that after Happy Gilmore 2.

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