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Penguins are born into harsh environments in Antarctica. A chick needs both of its parents to provide careful attention to survive; they must alternate in keeping the fledgling warm and fed. Penguin chicks embark on a daring adventure of their own when they are six months old—they swim for the first time. Under the direction of Bertie Gregory, a group of National Geographic videographers produced an amazing film showing young penguins darting into the water.

Satellite data has shown that some of them are heading toward precipitous ice cliffs since 2009. The video clip says, "What happens next has remained a mystery." The average height at which a penguin chick jumps before swimming is around two feet, but this particular group of penguins, seen in January 2024, had to jump off a fifty-foot ice cliff.

 Hundreds of penguins can be seen in the video marching towards the ice's edge; their numbers are estimated to be around 700 hundred. They can be seen glancing out into the sea, taking in the scenery and considering their next course of action. A bold penguin suddenly dives into the water like an Olympic diver. 

After a brief suspenseful moment, the bold girl is seen joyfully wading through the icy waters. The commotion begins when a few more people copy its actions. The inquisitive penguins can't resist falling hilariously into the water as they attempt to peep over the edge. While some people willingly take the risk, others carelessly back away from the edge.

They give a cute belly flop as they fall, flailing their arms in fear. The never-before-seen penguin dive footage is from a forthcoming television series called Secrets of the Penguins, which will have its Earth Day 2025 premiere. Check out National Geographic's website to stay current. 

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