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Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, a chess prodigy, has achieved too much already at the age of 18. He became an international master at the age of ten. He was the second youngest grandmaster at that time when he attained the title two years later. He is presently vying to play against a fellow grandmaster and current world champion Ding Liren at the World Chess Championship 2024, having been ranked as the sixteenth-best chess player in the world. He is participating in the 2024 Candidates Tournament.

A review of a video from two years ago demonstrates his remarkable chess abilities. The 16-year-old chess player is shown in the picture solving a series of problems without using a board by using only his imagination. In spite of the interviewer's rapid-fire barrage of chess moves—up to twelve at a time at times—Pragnanandhaa effortlessly responds to the challenge. He can react on his own by making movements, effortlessly capturing the interviewer's imaginary pieces one after another with ease that comes from practice.

Fortunately, the interviewer has provided a graphic on the side of the screen to assist those who are not familiar with chess in following along with the game.

Even so, Praggnanandhaa's skill is evident in how difficult it can be at times to keep up with the animated moves because they move so quickly. A user commented, "Not only a great memory, but being able to visualize it all in your head is impressive as well," on Reddit, where the video has also gone viral. One can only speculate as to how much Praggnanandhaa has progressed and how much his skills have improved since the video was shot two years ago. 

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