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Giving blood offers someone in need a glimmer of hope. This is the reason Josephine Michaluk, an 81-year-old resident of Alberta, Canada, is dedicated to providing this kind of assistance to others. She actually holds the record for the most blood units donated in a lifetime. When Michaluk, then 22 years old, went to a blood donation appointment with her sister in 1965, that is when her acts of kindness really started.

She has been committed to giving blood ever since, for as long as her health permits. She formally became the first female Guinness World Records holder for the most whole blood donated last year at the age of 80. By then, she had given blood in 203 pints. She has donated 209 units of blood so far, and she is not done yet.

The empathetic eighty-year-old still makes more than four donations a year. Since her blood type is more universally matched than any other positive blood type, hospitals and healthcare facilities are most interested in having her O+ blood type. According to Red Cross Donation, O+ people make up 38% of the US population. The donations made by this kind of woman sustains the availability of potentially life-saving blood.

The generous Canadian states that a physical examination is done prior to any donation. This could entail assessing the potential donor's pulse rate, blood pressure, and haemoglobin levels. Even after giving blood, Michaluk says she feels refreshed. She donated one pint. If one is physically capable of donating, her story should serve as an inspiration to others. Having received five pints of blood following two separate miscarriages, Michaluk is aware of the significance of these potentially life-saving donations.

To put things in perspective, the entire process of donating a pint takes roughly 75 minutes. Michaluk has given blood for approximately 15,675 minutes in her lifetime. She plans to keep going with her goal of helping people for as long as she can. She encourages people to go outside their comfort zone in order to help people all over the world. She is photographed wearing a shirt that asks, "Are you the type to save a life?" 

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