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A new record for the longest plank held by a female has been set by DonnaJean Wilde, 58, of Alberta, Canada. This incredible feat involved holding a plank in the correct position for four hours, thirty minutes, and eleven seconds. A mother of five and a grandmother of twelve, Wilde's accomplishment demonstrates both her remarkable physical stamina and mental dexterity. As one might expect, some requirements must be fulfilled to receive this esteemed title. 

The form needs to be as follows, per Guinness World Records: "The challenger's forearms and toes must touch the ground at all times to successfully achieve the record." The rest of the body needs to be raised off the ground and maintained upright the entire time.

At the nearly five-hour event, which was held at the high school where she used to be vice principal, Wilde was observed by Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator Tina Shi. The native Canadian describes her experience, noting that the last two hours were particularly difficult. A significant factor in setting this fitness record for Wilde was her commitment to rigorous physical training. Training in three-hour blocks, the record-breaking grandmother planked for a total of six hours each day. 

After breaking her wrist, she turned her attention to exercise because the only exercise she could do was the plank. Not only would Wilde plank, but she would also study for her master's degree and watch movies while doing so.

She is used to pushing past physical discomfort because she has chronic pain in her arms. According to Randy, Wilde's spouse, "She has been able to plank through the pain because of the chronic pain and numbness she deals with on a daily basis." Wilde reports feeling sore in her elbows and that her quadriceps muscles were tensed up. The record holder concentrated on keeping up her form as well, particularly in the final hour. Now, overcome with happiness at his accomplishment, Wilde even remarks, "It feels like a dream." Her experience serves as evidence that physical fitness is beneficial and enjoyable for people of all ages. 

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