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One thing that little 6-year-old Tuna loves more than anything, is attention, no matter from who its from. The adorable cat always had to rely on her family for pets and cuddles, however during the pandemic Tuna soon figured out a smarter way to get more attention throughout the day.   

Cinthia Santos, Tuna’s mom explained that, “When COVID started, we all went to work from home and we started ordering a lot — our food, our groceries, stuff to make our house more liveable. Us working from home disrupted Tuna’s sleep schedule, so she went outside during the day, and that’s when she started hanging out with the delivery people.”

Even though Tuna has always been a tough and independent cat, she is not afraid to show her softer side. “She doesn’t like to be alone,” Santos added. “Whatever room everybody’s in is the room she wants to go to. She likes physical attention, on her terms. She likes to be held, pet and scratched.”

Tuna mostly enjoys baking in the sun near their home’s front door. But she doesn’t go unmonitored as she has a GPS collar and can be watched by her family’s Nest doorbell camera. This is actually how Santos discovered Tuna’s new trick while she was romancing an Amazon delivery man. This was only the first of her many many boyfriends she seeks attention at. “Once she noticed, ‘Wow, people come here and I can get them to pet me,’ she just started going out a lot more. It happens periodically. We don’t put her out there on purpose. If she wants to come in, she will meow.”

Whenever Tuna spots a delivery person coming her way she always makes it known that she seeks some attention and pets. Even if the delivery person isn’t interested in her at first, Tuna will eventually get her way. “She’s really persistent. She will throw herself on the floor, she’ll throw herself against the wall, she whips her tail around. She has different little tricks. She just wants them to pet her. She likes to have her cheeks scratched, so that’s her whole endgame.” 

Not only does Tuna bring a lot of joy and love to her family, but she also spreads joy to everyone who visits her house. “Having her has been awesome. She makes our whole family laugh. People love coming to our house and meeting her. They think it’s like meeting a celebrity.”

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