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A group of adorable dogs who are waiting to be adopted had a very special treat for Christmas. All the adoptable dogs at the Dogs Trust Ireland Rehoming Centre in Dublin, were given the opportunity to pick out their own Christmas presents. 

Several new and unwrapped donated toys where stacked out on the floor and on clear display for each pup making its turn. Several pups almost immediately knew which new toy they wanted, while other took their time to go trough each one and pick out the one that they desired the most. Adorably clumsy puppies were more curious about the person holding the camera than picking a present.

“This year we combined toy donations from our staff and amazing supporters, lined them up and let the dogs in our Rehoming Centre pick their own Christmas present. As you will see, deciding on which toy was a big decision for some dogs and some delighted in the squeakiest toy they could find – you’ll need sound on to appreciate their joy in full effect.”

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