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Jubjib, the adorable golden retriever from Thailand spends his days helping out his family to harvest durian fruit.

Jubjib joined the family farm, which produces fresh durian as well as its own branded products, back in 2014. Since then the happy retriever has since become an integral member of the team.

During the annual harvest, the family takes adorable photos of the pup happily doing his job while wearing his cutest signature sun-shielding hats and scarves.

For those who doesn’t know, durians are not like your normal delicious fruits. Durians are well known to be the foulest-smelling fruit in the world and has often been compared to raw sewage and rotting flesh. The exotic, spiky-skinned fruit have even been banned from public places in Singapore and Malaysia because its aroma is so pungent.

Seeing the dogs have a heightened sense of smell, Jubjib still doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fruit’s stink, and is rather proud of the fruit his family grows. Every harvest his family shares photos of the adorable helping hand who sits proudly next to the pile of durian with a huge smile on his face. 

Jubjib soon became popular online after sharing the adorable photos of the happy pup. 

The family decided to print stickers of his face for their product packaging to share more joy. 

See below some more adorable photos of the sweet Jubjib during the harvests. 

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