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If you ever need cheering up, indulging in the adorable content of animals is always the best remedy. Social media simply can't get enough of delightful animals and their cute ways. 

An example of another cute social media trend is Chappi, the African pygmy hedgehog. It's impossible not to smile at this adorable critter paddling her tiny paws in the bath. Chappi lived a happy life where she was truly loved by his (human) mom, but sadly he passed away in 2017. That hasn't stopped her mom from sharing all their splendid memories with the world to hopefully cheer someone up. 

"[Chappi] inspired me to be a better person, enjoy more simple things and live every day as if it was the last, live simply. I learned that sometimes when life gets stressful, all you need is to take a deep breath for a moment and start again. I'll always miss my little one, but I'm grateful I got to meet her. She was more than just a pet; she was a tiny part of my soul."

Clearly, Chappi had a wonderful life as her mom shares videos and images of her scurrying around in the garden and enjoying cuddles indoors. She and her mom shared a special bond, which is evident in their photos and videos. 

In one video, Chappi is enjoying being scratched by her mom. A sign from the hedgehog that she trusted her owner. "Since Chappi could no longer reach her face, I would help her, and she would let me know if I was doing it right or wanted me to stop. We developed a non spoken language to let me know what she needed."

In 2018, Chappi's mom adopted another hedgehog which she named Timothea. She seems to be following in her late sister's footsteps, who also loved her baths... not to mention that her favourite toy is a yellow rubber duck.

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