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We all image the image when someone say a grumpy old man. Newborn babies have also been compared to grumpy old men from some time to time. And yet, grumpy old men always stays a subject to which one can share a laugh. 

The latest thing being compared to a grumpy old man is a litter of Maine Coon cats. The Maine Coon cat breed earned the nickname “gentle giant” for their large stature and playful personalities. However the new litter of newborn Maine Coon cats might make you think differently.

Tatyana Rastorgueva, who runs Casvill County House of Cats where the kittens were born, shared several images and videos of the adorable new litter of Maine Coons kittens whose tiny faces could double as grumpy old men.

The new five gray babies have characteristics of a sourpuss as one might say. Looking close each kitten has furrowed brows and upturned lips which almost makes you expect them to start yelling at you to get off their lawn. 

But as they also say, looks can be deceiving. In the sweet videos that Rastorgueva has shared since their birth, these kitties are like any other young cats, super playful and enjoys their sweet naps. 

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