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We all love an adorable story about our furry friends, but how about a cute friend from the far Antarctic?

A king penguin named LaLa, has stole the heart of many local residents in Japan. After leaving his frigid home he made his way to a hot and humid town in Japan where he lived as a member of a human family. LaLa is however not afraid to go out on a adventure in his town. During the day, LaLa would leave his extremely air-conditioned room and go out on a venture to the local fish market. And yes he goes in style. He ventures the town wearing a penguin-shaped backpack while he enjoys a mackerel snack.

You might wonder how an Antarctic penguin found himself all the way in Japan. At first it started off very sad as he was found trapped in a fishing net with an injured beak and wing when a fisherman discovered him and decided to keep  him on the boat with him to take care of him. After the fisherman returned home he brought the bird to the Nishimoto family who then took care of LaLa’s injuries and cared for him. After he was back on his feet LaLa never left his caregivers, so they built a refrigerated room for him under their house for him to live a happy cared for life.

In a charming video filmed in the 1990s, LaLa makes her way to the fish market all by himself, much to the delight of the local fishmonger. On the way a friendly neighbour sprays him with water from a garden hose to cool the little fellow off. After LaLa's big outing, he’s seen spending some quality time with the Nishimotos as they scratch under his chin.

However, after living a happy life being loved by all and being a very unique penguin, LaLa sadly passed away in 1998.

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