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Adorable little pup named Dembe recently surprised his mom with his choice of toys. When his mom was just going about her day she passed by his bed figuring that she might find his normal toys scattered across the room. However, instead of finding his old toys scattered around she found something very unexpected in his bed. 

Instead of his regular toys the 10-month-old Dembe found something entirely new to play with - his mom’s kettlebell weights. Somehow this little eager dog managed to drag a 5-, 10- and 15-pound weights into his bed. And clearly from the videos he had a blast chewing on each one of them. His mom still has no idea how her little 10 month old pup managed to drag the heavy weights with his mouth to his bed. 

One might think that Dembe’s mom would be extremely upset over her chewed up weights, however she had a complete different reaction and was actually very impressed with her super hero dog. When Dembe heard his mom explaining what she saw, Dembe initially though he was in big trouble. In a video she shared on TikTok she can be heard saying, “Are you kidding me? I’m having a hard time picking this up like this. How did he … ?”

She wondered exactly what Dembe had been secretly eating to make him so strong, but the adorable pup just stared back at her. Unfortunately for everyone else, Dembe will never reveal his secret.

Even though Dembe is still very much a puppy, he is however a husky, meaning he’s already a lot bigger than most other dogs his age. His mom always knew he was a big, strong guy, but for the first time she actually realised just how strong her little pup is. 

Watch the adorable video on TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@freedomfarmer/video/7021177807241776430?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=7017723671428318722&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0

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