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A little convenience store, The Suzuki Tobacco Shop in Tokyo, Japan, is not only popular for its various of snack range and cigarette selection, but also for the friendly help. People around the world visit the tiny store in the hopes of meeting their super-cute four legged Shiba Inu clerk.

The adorable pup named Shiba-san, is known for sliding open the shop window as he greets all customers with a doggy smile. Over the years adorable Shiba-san won the hearts of many residents, customers and tourists. But finally this cute pup has finally retired and is enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Azumy, the dog’s human and co-worker, “We closed the Suzuki Tobacco store on 30 October 2015. Shiba-san has retired as well. Sorry to disappoint you who came to see him all the way.” 

However, even with the sad news of the shop being closed and cute Shiba-san retired, it is still worth seeing Shiba-san’s cutest moments as a shiba shop-dog. Countless visitors shared photos and videos of the cute pup, revealing Shiba-san’s surprising professionalism. 

Shiba-san will always be known for his friendly doggie smile and sliding open the window for each customer. Shiba-san also loved to show off the store’s selection of cucumbers, and he was always extra happy when he could receive some pets and scratches. When he wasn’t working, Shiba-san would have a nap by the window until the next customer arrived.

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