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It's time to join these multi-talented lads as they give us their All-Sports Trick Shots. They're Dude Perfect, and they're next level!

If you don't know who Dude Perfect is, then it's time for a lesson. This group of chaps will blow your socks off with their amazing skills. Whether it be an Airsoft Challenge between themselves or challenging for the Guinness World Record for opening soft drink cans, they try it all.

What they're most famous for, though, are their trick shot videos using, well, anything they can get their hands on. Whether it be ping-pong balls or toilet plungers, polystyrene gliders or a bow and arrow, they pull out all the stops to complete the most obscure, fun and impossible tricks.

In this video, it's time to tackle a variety of popular sports. Frequently, it includes two or more sports at a time; like hitting an American football off a tee with a baseball bat into a basketball net 100m away. Sometimes it takes two to tango, so the twins step up to duo a tennis ball onto a drummers cymbal with just two touches.

A lot of the tricks are done over far distances, like throwing a dart 30 meters to pop a balloon mounted to an electric skateboard. It's ludicrous, but so much fun to watch. Their high-energy is infectious, and you'll be left in awe at their talent.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit that play button below, and let the guys at Dude Perfect show you how little coordination and ball skills you have... It's time for All-Sports Trick Shots!

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