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From now until February 2024, Japan's Ashikaga Flower Park will offer spectacular light displays. More than 5 million LED light bulbs were used to create a garden filled with wisteria, cherry blossoms, and other plants. Visitors can stroll through the grounds and immerse themselves in the nightly exhibition, whose theme changes three times during the exhibition period. From October to mid-November, the installation "Hanazono of Light" ~Flower Fantasy 2023~ with the theme of "Light and Amethyst Sage" will be held.

Highlights of the renovated space include glowing wisteria curtains, ever-growing wisteria, and an LED water lily pond. In addition, a new exhibit titled “Spiritual Home” includes a projection of cherry blossoms floating in a tranquil rock garden. 

There is also a flower castle where LED fireworks are set off one after another, and a garden filled with rainbow flowers. Throughout December, the installation will transition to a “Christmas Fantasy” theme. Many exhibits will remain the same, but festive exhibits such as Christmas trees and reindeer will be added to the site. There will also be a visit from Santa Claus and special gifts for children.

Finally, the installation will change from New Year's Day to Valentine's Day with the theme of "Light and Winter Peonies." At this time of year, you can experience the light of the colourful winter plums and cypress flowers.

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