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It may seem like an impossible discovery, but an extremely well-preserved woolly rhino was recently discovered in the thawing permafrost of Siberia. This species, which went extinct during the Ice Age, maybe the best-preserved woolly rhino in the Yakutia region, known for its unusually cold temperatures. So what can we say about this creature? Early analysis suggests that the rhinoceros, whose sex is still unknown, is between 3 and 4 years old and lived about 20,000 to 50,000 years ago.

She probably lived separately from her mother and most likely drowned in the summer. Freezing has amazingly preserved the rhino's fur and internal organs, providing a  clearer picture of the animal's appearance and lifestyle. The cold carcass also contains thick hazel fur, horns, teeth, parts of the intestines, and even chunks of fat. Once the ice road is formed and handed over to scientists in Yakutsk, the capital where the mammoth museum is located, we will learn more about the creature. Due to climate change, fascinating time capsules can appear beneath the earth's surface during the Siberian summer. (This woolly rhinoceros was discovered in August.) And this is not the first time such an amazing discovery has been made in Yakutia. In 2014, the world’s only baby woolly rhino named Sasha was discovered not far from where the new young rhino was buried.

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