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Showering is part of daily life. For some, it's a relaxing activity. For some, it's a positive start to  the day. But, have you ever wondered how much they cost? QS Supplies, a UK-based bathroom furniture supplier, set out to research the annual prices of hot showers around the world. We then compiled our findings into an insightful infographic showing that the cost of jumping in the shower is not the same for everyone.

To determine the annual cost of a daily shower, QS Supplies looked at the cost of electricity and water consumption in 89 countries. We then compared that to the average annual income in each country to determine overall affordability. On average, a hot shower costs $260 per year, but there are big differences between countries. In Denmark, a daily hot shower for a year costs $802, making it the most expensive in the world. Meanwhile, the lowest annual cost for a shower is in Egypt and Suriname, at $33 per year. The annual cost of a shower in the US is $264, making it the 36th most expensive shower in the world.

Despite the disparaging numbers, the tide is turning again when we look at each country's economy. The country with the lowest annual shower costs is Norway, where the cost accounts for 0.31% of the average local income. This is followed by Kuwait and the United States, accounting for 0.35% and 0.49% respectively. On the other hand, showers in Rwanda are exorbitantly expensive, accounting for 46.17% of the average annual income, the lowest in the world. 

The striking differences in the showers are not far removed from the general global panorama of inequality. That's why it's important to make it accessible to everyone. The United Nations considers "physical and affordable access to safe, sanitary, protected, socially and culturally acceptable sanitation facilities in all areas of life" a human right. How often it should be done is another discussion.

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