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Date: 2018-09-03

A clip of the moment Bishop Charles wrapped his arm around Ariana Grande and essentially commenced a groping session at Aretha Franklin's funeral had fans outraged, however, Bishop recently publicly apologised saying the incident is "not about the way that I meant it, or it went bad".

I mean give the poor guy a break, right? How could a bishop Charles intentionally try and grope Ariana Grande on live worldwide TV? Ariana has not addressed the controversy directly.

Bishop Charles H Ellis III's statement to the press says: "It would never be my intention to touch any woman's breast. I was, I don't know I guess I put my arm around her. Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar but again, I apologise.

"If somebody took it the wrong way, or if they were offended by it, the easiest thing and the right thing for me to do, as a Christian, as a man of God is to apologise, and I sincerely apologise to Ariana again if I offended her in any kind of way."

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