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Imagine buying a puppy and, just before you’re about to move to another state, your puppy goes missing. That’s what happened to an army veteran in the United States.  

Four years ago, Michael Joy was about to move to Fort Campbell in Georgia from Kentucky when his beloved four-month-old pup Sam went missing. He searched high and low, but there was just no sign of the pup.

Even after Michael moved three states away, he still came back to Georgia visiting shelters with the hope that he’ll find Sam.

“I came back and I kept looking, I kept going back and forth, also I went there three or four times after I moved here. Just maybe he would’ve shown up down there.”

Four years later, Michael got a call from Ohio. The person on the other end gave Michael the awesome news that they found Sam and that the microchip that he’s got, has Michael’s details on it.

Now, get ready for all the feels. Michael hopped in his car and drove across three states (that’s a very, very long way) to get Sam, now a fully grown dog.

The army veteran compared seeing Sam again to “ like coming back from a deployment and seeing your family for the first time”.

Watch the Inside Edition video below to see how Michael and Sam got reunited after four years of being apart.

Image credit: Clarksville Now

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