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Artist Dave Pollot has brought something new to the art world. He transforms overlooked thrift store paintings into his own pop-culture masterpieces. 

To give scenes featuring still life, boats at sea, and rustic landscapes a surreal twist, Pollot adds various pop-culture elements to the paintings. His pop-culture art first started off as a joke between him and his wife back in 2012. His obsession started when he challenged himself to take a piece of unwanted artwork and make it into something that people wanted to own without changing its aesthetic. 

Pollot views his thrift store transformations as building a new story within the already existing composition. "I've always loved the idea that art is deeply personal. I'm telling my own story with each piece. But every one is a little bit like a mirror, reflecting its meaning back to the viewer through his or her individual perception."

"I think that my body of work has challenged the idea that any single piece of artwork is without a place. Especially if it can be retrofitted to reflect a more culturally relevant set of ideas. It's also questioned the idea of who (generationally and otherwise) can claim ownership of the pop culture of a given time period – it's sought to introduce a younger audience to older artistic styles and a potentially older audience to a broader set of pop culture," explained Pollot.

See more of Pollot's magnificent artwork down below. 

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