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Artist Daniele Barresi who is an award-winning design carver has a very unique way of creating magnificent work of art.Rather than creating work of arts with expected materials like wood or marble, Barresi chose to use his talent on something much more unique and tastier. 

The unique artist makes use of various of foods to portray as his canvas to create inspiring sculptures out of fruits, vegetables, and even cheese. Despite their different textures and densities, Barresi carves each one of them seemingly with ease to reveal beautiful flowers and creatures hiding behind the skin and rinds. Avocados has various of health benefits for your heart, brain, skin, hair, and gut, however for the Italian artist it has tremendous art benifits. He uses the green flesh as his canvas to create incredibly intricate avocado carvings. 

His food sculptures are so impressive they they have been recognised around the world and even earned several awards. Barresi is the two-time world champion carving designer of WACS championship (both 2013 and 2014) and in 2015, and has now been invited back to serve as one of the judges of the contest. 

“When I touch my knife, my mind gives up to the heart and transmits directly to the hands, giving different forms to the decorations. It’s like magic.” 

It’s easy to see why Barresi has been so successful in his chosen art form. His avocado carvings are not only visually stunning, but they clearly demonstrate his expert skill and passion. Not to mention his patience as each design take hours to complete however that doesn’t seem to bother him as he enjoys every moment executing his talent. 

Watch how he carves his masterpieces into various of fruit and veg.

“As we say in Italy, if you love what you are doing, it doesn’t matter how long it is going to take, because you will enjoy the whole time you are doing it. I really love to carve, especially watermelons, because they remind me of my birth country. Because of their colors—green, red and white—and also because of their size. I can choose any design, even if it would take a while.”

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