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Some might say that maths is an art on its own, but how do you create a painting using maths? LA-based artist, Katy Ann Gilmore, has that figured out. She has used her passion for maths, nature and art to create wonderful topographical masterpieces. 

Gilmore creates delicate thatched composites, which strike a pleasing visual made out of thousands of tiny little triangles which carefully balances negative and positive space.

 The organic geometric images are realised through a variety of influences. These include mathematics, nature, and visual art.

To create the effect of looking like a hand-crafted topographic map, the tiny latched shapes spread outward until a final piece emerges.

Gilmore decided to pursue the studies of mathematics and visual arts. After years of experience in each field, she can showcase the unique style of her art.

With her layered, two-dimensional drawings, she can explore the concept of perpendicular planes and the distortion of three-dimensional space.

In some of her drawings, she creates the illusion of a finely woven net that grips the land's curvature, where some areas of the image recede where others spring forward.

Initially inspired by her curiosity for how 2D grids would look when warped in all directions, Gilmore started to create her breathtaking work. She also started manipulating her 2D word to see how the fluctuation of empty space around physical objects affects our perception of solidity.

Her work draws thousands of tiny elements together to form beautiful realisations of mathematical concepts. Through the application of an artistic eye, she creates stunning pieces to showcase to all art lovers. 

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