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British artist, Suzanne Moxhay, reveals apocalyptic worlds made through photomontages. And they have been viewed as creative yet surreal and unsettling landscapes.

Moxhay created her haunting tableaus by mixing her own photography with archival images and uses an early 20th-century technique called matte painting to achieve the end result. 

First used in cinema, artists would paint artwork on glass panels that would then be integrated with filmed footage. The result is a seamless environment that would have otherwise been impossible to achieve in its era of invention. 

With pieces that seem as though they are film stills, Moxhay has brought this theatrical sensibility to her work to create realistic and surreal landscapes. By using traditional cut and paste collage and digital manipulation, Moxhay brings viewers into a world that is "slightly off". Tiny discrepancies betray the falsity of each landscape.

"There are discrepancies in perspective; shadows falling in the wrong places. I was always interested in that effect in film, where you'd see the action take place in an environment that clearly wasn't real."

Keeping her work empty, like a stage set, Moxhay leaves spectators guessing about the action set to unfold.

Here are some more of her work. 

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