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Cats have their own way of doing things, and those who have their own furry cat friends know that they don't always listen to their owners when needed. 

And, yes, we sometimes get frustrated when they start meowing in the early hours of the morning or while we're watching a movie because they want attention. Disney feature animation layout artist, photographer and Cat owner, Joaquin Baldwin, did grow a bit frustrated with his very persistent Bengal cat named Elton.

But Baldwin did not take any harsh steps. Instead, he put his design skills to use. Baldwin hilariously autotuned Elton's meow with the Voloco pitch correction and real-time voice-processing app, and we must say, the results are remarkable.

Baldwin's post reads, "Autotuned the cat because he won't shut up in the mornings. I don't know how this helps, but I did it anyway."

He also said, "I used an app called Voloco for iOS to make the autotune sounds. And, no, he's not thirsty. He just happened to be by the faucet in part of the video because I was brushing my teeth. This is his 'love me now' voice. He comes to bed in the morning to knead and purr and loudly meow to get some scratches."

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