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We all have taken a stroll on the beach and seen some of the most beautiful seashells. However, if you take a walk on the beaches in the UK, you might spot something more than just beautiful shells. You might stumble across some of Justin Bateman's carefully made works of art. 

The UK-based artist uses his creativity to bring a whole new level of art to the world. Bateman uses colourful pebbles to recreate stunning art masterpieces, such as all-time favourite Mona Lisa and Girl With a Pearl Earring as exquisite land art.

Bateman creates each piece of art on site from shells and pebbles found nearby. He then arranges them according to hue and size to produce effects similar to some of the most well-known artwork. 

Each image is modelled in light and shadow to look remarkably close to the piece they are based on. 

To make it even more remarkable is that the artist even replicates the artwork's background and frame. This makes them look more like the real deal on the seashore, especially from a slight distance. 

After spending several hours piecing each artwork together, Bateman has to relinquish the work to the environment it was made in, accepting its ephemerality.

Even though his art pieces only survive for a short time, that doesn't seem to bother the artist. As for Bateman, the creative process of putting together the mosaic is more satisfying than making a permanent mark.

Here are some more of his remarkable recreations.

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