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Few paintings are as well-known as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. It's so famous that it has been reimagined in countless ways, including a tattooed model version and an artificial intelligence-generated Mona Lisa. However, a clever creator came up with  the idea of ​​recreating a Renaissance masterpiece from an unconventional material. Using potatoes, some paint, and some lettuce, artist Huylson made the Mona Lisa look three-dimensional and amazingly lifelike. Huylson documented the entire process in an Instagram video. It all starts with a single potato, onto which Huylson draws a face that serves as a guide as he paints. Multiple layers of pigment are applied to create the skin tone as well as shadows along the Mona Lisa's cheekbones, nose, eyes and jawline. 

Once the head is complete, Huylson moves on to the next step of the culinary art process. He attaches the head to three other potatoes and places a few lettuce leaves  on top. Additional potatoes are positioned to resemble the figure's body, and lettuce leaves mimic the draping of the Mona Lisa's Renaissance gown with surprising success. Huylson even chopped up a few  potatoes to make the hand. 

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