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In soccer, no one likes getting a yellow card, even if it's after a hard play or just to buy time. That's probably why soccer stars around the world  felt revenge against the player who unexpectedly drew his UNO card upside down when  the referee threw it during the match. For those who don't know soccer, a  yellow card is a warning from the referee. Most violations are committed after a dangerous play, but there are also violations that result in cards being issued, such as: For example, yelling at the referee or taking off your jersey to celebrate when you score a goal.

If you receive a yellow card  you can continue playing, but if you receive a second card you will be removed from the game. In  other professional games, the smart move of drawing a reversed UNO  card would have earned the player a red card. That is, it will be automatically excluded and there will be no warning. However, this amazing move was not performed by a professional player, but by a YouTube star during his game for charity. Creator Max Fosh is a YouTube All-Star who played as part of his team and played against Sidemen FC. Sidemen FC is a team formed by YouTube starting with the Sidemen group. It was great, but some people had their doubts. Foch appears to have pulled out a green UN card. Wouldn't it have had to have been a UNO yellow  card for it to be a valid move (according to UNO rules)? Either way, the referee in question, former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg, couldn't help but laugh. who knows? He may  be the first  to rejoice in the card's honour.

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