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We all have seen the cute cartoon drawing of couples, or even the cute cartoon photo filter that has been making its rounds on social media. However what can be more cuter and special than when your artistic boyfriends draws not one but 10 different adorable picture of you and him. 

Well Minnesota-based character artist and graphic designer Kells O'Hickey definitely scored some brownie points when he decided to make use his drawing skills to create a very special and unique gift for his girlfriend, Lindsay. 

His cute illustrations depicts the couple in 10 different cartoon styles, but nit just any cartoons, 10 of their favourite cartoons which includes, The Simpsons, Adventure Time, Disney, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Dragon Ball Z, South Park, Vintage Mickey Mouse and Steven Universe. The thoughtful drawings ranging from Disney to anime, showcase the talented artist’s diverse drawing skills.

“I had drawn a few pictures of Lindsay and I in Futurama and Adventure Time styles previously and her reaction had given me an idea, I should draw us in my interpretation of the styles of all the shows we've watched.”

In all the different styles of cartoons O'Hickey made sure to include the iconic styles and designs. 

For example, in The Simpsons, the pair are drawn in basic shapes and feature the iconic yellow complexion, in Family Guy, both of them feature expressive white grins and in Dragon Ball Z’s style, O’Hickey made sure to include the iconic huge spiky hair, and muscular arms.

And of course, Lindsay was delighted with her illustrated gift and the effort her boyfriend put into each drawing and even included “I love you to the moon and back.”

Scroll down to see more adorable illustrations in the different cartoon styles. 

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