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John Patterson from Australia stole a military tank, and then proceeded to destroy 5G towers to stop high levels of radiation exposure.

What do you need to destroy 5G network towers? Most would say a radiation suit and a crowbar, not this guy! John Patterson from Australia is a 45-year-old activist who has gained quite a bit of a following, as his YouTube videos show just how bad 5G networks actually are in terms of radiation exposure. He has done radiation tests from multiple areas close to the new 5G towers, and has conducted that those levels are completely off the charts. He decided to do something about it and stole a rebuilt ex-military tank and took to the streets to destroy 5G equipment as much as he could.

Check out the...er... high-speed chase through the city in the video below.

As expected, he was indeed arrested and will be expected to appear in court, charged with damage of property, possession of drugs, theft and vandalism.

What John Patterson has successfully done is start a conversation both from the public and organisation working with the new 5G network technology. Hopefully, more in-depth research will be conducted in the use of 5G to both prove or disprove the high radiation levels and then actively come up with a solution. So maybe, for the time being, fibre is still your safest bet!

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