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We pet owners know exactly what its like when you take your little pup to the vet. Without a distraction or a treat, our furry friends often refuses to sit still when the doctor is doing the necessary check-ups and not to mention standing still on the weight scale. 

But other than our furry dog and cat friends, our little koala friends also lack the ability to stay still. The caretakers at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in Duncan, South Australia, revealed their interesting trick to get a baby koala to stay still while they weigh him.

In the adorable photos the park shared a little joey is seen on some weighing scales. However, the staff allowed him to cling onto a branch that’s attached to the scales in order for him to stay. Doing this allows the koala to feel more relaxed, as if he’s just hanging out in a tree. The clever idea allows the wildlife park staff to take an accurate reading of the koala’s weight, without him moving around.

It is vital for the koala’s development to have the koala stay still long enough to weigh him correctly. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park added, “Regular weighing of the koalas, especially the joeys, is important to make sure they are staying healthy, putting on weight and keeping it on.”

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