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If you can't get enough of the very trendy avocado, you're going to love the Avozilla.

The name is beyond corny, but apparently the taste and sheer size of this majestic fruit is on point. It's 10 times bigger than a regular avocado.

The Avozilla is a cross between two of the three avocado sub-species, and hails from the Modjadjiskloof area in Limpopo. It's not genetically modified or treated with hormones to increase its growth. This is something that's been confirmed by Westfalia Fruit, the producer and trademark owner of the Avozilla.

Legend has it that a South African farmer found the mother tree on his farm and decided to farm on a larger scale, and the rest is history. As in big history. Gigantic even.

For a couple of years now, the farmer has been exporting this giant avocado to several countries and, as it grows in popularity, it grows in size as well.

That's because the older the tree, the bigger the fruit. According to The Independent, it went on sale in British supermarkets in 2013, when it was five times bigger than a regular avocado, but the 2020 produce has since doubled in size.

The Avozilla made headlines again in the UK this summer, as shoppers couldn't resist buying the giant avocado. It was exclusively available at Tesco stores and sold for about R85 each.  

We hope British kids are fans of avocados as the Avozilla's availability coincided with the kids going back to school after their annual summer holidays. How many avocado sandwiches can one kid eat in a week?

Business Insider reports that a limited number of Avozillas were available locally at selected Checkers branches, but that most of them are destined for shoppers across the ocean.

An Australian farmer has been given the exclusive rights to produce the Avozilla in Australia though.

Watch the Earth Titan video below on how the Avozilla has been introduced to Australia by the South African trademark owning family.

Image credits: Business Insider

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