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Naming your baby is often a task that leads to family fights and even disinheritance. But, in some cases, and countries, it could land you in jail.

Top Fives recently made a list of the top 15 baby names that could land you in jail.

Back in 2007, a Swedish couple took their government to court when they were told that they can’t name their child Metallica. Swedish law requires that parents must get both the first and second name of a child approved by government before it’s made official. The local tax authority had a problem with the name, but the parents refused to back down and eventually won the case. Little Metallica is probably still running around Sweden with her proud parents by her side.

Swedish authorities made it clear that they won’t allow any other parents to name their kids strange names without their consent to ensure nothing strange or offensive is used. Talk about a nanny state…

One nine-year-old girl in New Zealand was so embarrassed by her name that she went to court over it. She won the case, but her parents lost custody of her. 

The girl’s parents named her Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. By the time she reached the age of nine she was so embarrassed about her name that she told her friends her name is "K". According to The Guardian, the judge felt that the child had a better insight about the situation than her parents, who had apparently not given any thought to the implications of their actions.

Her name was changed, and her parents were put into court guardianship.

An Australian mommy blogger found out the hard way that you can’t name your child Citizen when an Australian court forced her to change her child’s name. Apparently Australian law won’t allow you to give your baby a name that eludes to a rank in the community. Mind blown.

Watch the Top Fives video below for more baby names that could land you in jail.

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