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Being a parent is an amazing experience. Yup, it can be difficult at times, and you have a huge responsibility to nurture and provide, but there's nothing more rewarding than embarrassing your kid whenever the opportunity presents itself. You know, just to say thanks for all the years of poop, pee and vomit you had to clean up when they were young.

So, in recognition of all the parents out there who take the embarrassment of their kids seriously, here's a collection of some truly inspired practical jokes, cheeky selfies and tongue-in-cheek situations to put a smile on your dial.

Top marks to the dad who sent his son's school lunch to the office in a pink Victoria's Secret shopping bag, and the dad who recreated his daughter's selfies, to the parents who dressed up their dogs as electricians to fix the power problem – even Marilyn Manson wasn't spared when his dad rocked up at a photo shoot in leathers and bright red lipstick.

Watch the video, enjoy, and then tell us how your parents have embarrassed you in the past!

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