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Do you often wonder why some things are so expensive? Us too, that's why this marathon of Business insiders So Expensive is amazing.

Many products in this world are extremely expensive. From scissors to cigars or motor vehicles, there is always a premium option that sees prices skyrocket.

But why is that? Well, fortunately for us, Business Insider have a show called So Expensive, where they take a deep-dive into the manufacturing process to show us why these prices are justified.

Take Rolls-Royce for example. Their vehicles are world renown for their exquisite luxury... and eye-watering high prices. Almost anyone can point out a Rolls in a lineup of fancy cars, and a lot of this has to do with the brand's history.

This luxury British brand has been a favourite for the rich and famous for decades, from presidents to sportspeople and musicians, Rolls-Royce has an undeniable appeal that says "I've made it".

But what makes these vehicles so expensive? Well, almost all the parts of these cars are handmade. Then, there's the options list which is unbelievably long. From custom colours that require the owner's permission should someone else want to use the paint on their car, to the embroidery on the seats, the starlight roof lining and crystal champagne glasses in the chilled cubby, it's all customisable.

It's the ultimate in luxury and opulence, and you can see why. But, if you're a Rolls-Royce owner, then you've likely got other items on this list. Persian rugs, for instance, or a pair of original Doc Maertens that went from worker boots in the 1940s to counter-culture cult icons in the 70s and 80. 

Today, because of the spiralling cost of manufacturing, their prices have skyrocketed, but their iconic look is highly sought after and those who are happy to spend the money will keep this incredible footwear popular for many years to come.

This marathon of So Expensive is extremely interesting, you'll be sure to learn something new and, perhaps, develop a newfound respect for these extremely expensive products.

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