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The Etruscans dominated portions of Italy before the Romans constructed the Colosseum and other incredible engineering works. At its highest point, their territory stretched from the Veneto region to Campania. Nonetheless, the Roman-Etruscan Wars put an end to its rise. Even though its successor took centre stage, there are still traces of the Etruscans all over Italy. A 2,600-year-old Etruscan tomb 100 miles northwest of Rome was recently opened, revealing a wealth of antiquated artefacts.

The town of Montalto di Castro shared the unveiling in late October 2023. Once a prosperous Etruscan city, Vulci was the location of a group that gathered outside the tomb to witness the opening. The municipality declared, "Today we witnessed the opening of an ancient Etruscan tomb buried at the Osteria Necropolis in Vulci." Archaeologists could enter the tomb after it was opened and examine its previously unseen contents, which dated back more than two millennia. 

There were several amphorae scattered within, along with other ceramics and pottery, utensils, and iron objects, and there were even traces of Greek wine. A ceremonial tablecloth was among the items in the collection that were discovered in almost perfect condition. The quantity of items found inside the tomb has led archaeologists to surmise that the tomb belonged to a prosperous Etruscan family.

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