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Italian luxury brand Bulgari honoured the 75th anniversary of its renowned snake jewellery with a unique installation created by French designer, architect, and artist Emmanuelle Moureaux, based in Tokyo. A well-known artist known for her vibrant installations, Moureaux built an endless space covered in 347,100 Roman numerals in 100 different colour shades.

The 50th version of Moureaux's 100 colours series, "SERPENTI," pays homage to Bulgari's Roman roots by incorporating Roman numerals. The signs I, V, X, L, and C were written in 100 different colours on curtains of acrylic panels that surrounded the visitors, inviting them to walk through a small tunnel. Thanks to thoughtful cutouts, visitors could move around the installation and fully immerse themselves in the infinite space.

This piece's sense of infinity is crucial because it mimics the coiled, repeating style of the coiled snake that appears in Bulgari's designs. "An infinite voyage of colour," says Moureaux. "The installation's expression shifts with every step, producing a multifaceted fascination that never stops changing. We hope that BULGARI's future will be limitless, just as the colours are boundless.

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