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Carmen Dell'Orefice is a role model in a field that frequently emphasises youth. She's 92 years old and still going strong as a working model. Model Alice Pang, who is based in Hong Kong, is 96 years old, but Dell'Orefice is different in that her career didn't start until she was in her 90s or even middle age. She has an astounding 77-year career in modelling, having started at the age of 15.

At the age of 13, Dell'Orefice, who was originally from New York City, was caught on the bus. Although the results of her initial shots were not what she had hoped for, two years later she was discovered by Vogue magazine and signed her first modelling contract. This marked the beginning of a fruitful and protracted modelling career. However, it wasn't always simple.

Dell'Orefice and her mother worked as seamstresses on the side at first since modelling did not bring in enough money for them to support themselves. To avoid paying bus fares, Dell'Orefice would even roller skate to her modelling assignments. She eventually worked in Vanity Fair campaigns and made appearances on Vogue covers as a result of her perseverance. 

After getting married, Dell'Orefice took a break from modelling, but she eventually went back to it in 1978 because of financial difficulties. That's when her career really started to take off when she was 47 years old. She has been putting in a lot of effort ever since, scheduling both catwalks and commercial campaigns. The ninety-one-year-old showed off her body in a 2022 New You magazine photo shoot. Dell'Orefice, then ninety-two, graced the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia. "Both sexes ought to love and take care of themselves. "Nurturing and feeding a baby with love is one of the secrets to maintaining beauty," the woman stated. 

“That’s what we should do with ourselves: nurture ourselves, love ourselves, and give that kind of energy to ourselves.”

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