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The results of YouTuber Atomic Shrimp's recent decision to establish his own window-sill pond ecosystem are strangely calming and fascinating. He started recording the ecosystem's growth after snatching up a jar of murky pond water, and in the process, he introduced his followers to some amazing creatures. He brought us along on his trip to observe the organisms growing in the water for three weeks.

These included a number of flatworms and the immortal freshwater creature known as hydra, which unwittingly turned into the film's unknowing star. As the top predators in the jar, the hydra engaged in combat with the flatworms using its stinging tentacles and slender green body. In fact, watching a hydra violently take down a flatworm during week two is truly amazing.

The ability of the hydra to reproduce is also fascinating. They merely used asexual reproduction to clone themselves at first, when the jar was filled with food. Buds on the parent hydra gave rise to new ones that eventually split off. Budding ceased as time went on and the environment became less conducive, at which point they turned to sexual reproduction.

The jar was filled to overflowing with single-celled creatures as the weeks went by, and Atomic Shrimp even noticed something that might be a freshwater shrimp. Unfortunately, the experiment came to an end after three weeks when an unexpected guest was discovered in the jar. There was a tiny tadpole that had hatched, maybe a newt. Based on a bit of algae, Atomic Shrimp surmised that the egg had found its way into the jar.
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