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The decline of the bee – an important pollinator – has been a growing concern around the world, specifically a decline in the US of 23% between 2008-2013, but bee hotels could change that.

"Insects are very important because they’re the start of the food chain," Geert Timmermans, an ecologist who works for the city of Amsterdam, told NBC. "When it goes well with the insects, it also goes well with the birds and mammals."

The solution to urbanisation causing the loss of beneficial insect habitats, pollution and abuse of pesticides are insect, or 'bee' hotels. Jo-Lyn Teh Weisenburger is an entomologist based in the Netherlands explains that these insect hotels are often made from wooden pallets which can feature small tubes for bees to nest. This urban insect hotel has to lead to an increase of wild bee and honey bee populations in Amsterdam, where they have also banned chemical pesticides on public land. Did you know a study from 2017 found that one of the most popular used pesticides make it harder for bees to fly on an aimed target?

Bee hotels are beginning to pop up all around the world, especially featured in public parks etc. One conservation group is said to be setting up more than 400 bee habitats in Alberta, Canada. Insect hotels are said to be a tricky process as you can definitely do it wrong, ecologists encourage you to conduct proper research first if you are planning on building an insect hotel.

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