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While beer has been credited for a lot of things over the years, most of them not good, most men’s favourite thirst quencher doesn’t often get credited for saving someone’s life.

Joe Ayala and his girlfriend, Meagan Casillas, were in the stands watching a baseball game between the Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics in Arizona recently. The sun was shining, the game was exciting and Joe was about to open a can of beer when he heard the crowd cheering.

Thinking it was a home run, Joe looked up towards the batter when he saw the ball heading straight for him. Within seconds the ball hit Joe’s can and beer was spraying everywhere.

If the can wasn’t in the way, the ball could have meant serious injury due to its impact if it hit either Joe or Meagan. 

While all of this was happening, Meagan was on her phone and only realised later on what had happened. Luckily a photographer was quick to snap the event and showed them the photo.

The Los Angeles Angels sent Joe some fresh beer along with an autographed bat.

Watch the Inside Edition video below to see how a beer can saved Joe and Meagan from a lot of pain. Now that’s something to celebrate with a cold one. Cheers!

Image credit: TMZ

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