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It’s one of those reality shows that have become not only a favourite around the world, but it also has its own cult following.

We get to see the edited version of The Amazing Race, but what happens behind the scenes are often never shared with anyone.

That’s until now…

Once Upon An Island managed to get some behind the scenes secrets and footage from several seasons of The Amazing Race.

In the very first season of the show, a roadblock was edited out because there just wasn’t enough time to fit everything into one season. It contained cooking a massive ostrich egg, something we’d rather not see as we can only imagine what the outcome of eating those massive eggs was.

Teams that arrive at the check in points are often rewarded with awesome holidays. When do they get the holidays, right there and then or do they have to wait until the production team lets them know? It turns out, they only find out much later. One team admitted that, even though their season had aired already, they still hadn’t heard anything about their holiday.

Just like the teams have to travel from one country to another, Phil and the production crew have to travel as well. Often, producers are on the same flights as contestants and have to find cunning ways of sneaking out of planes before the teams spot them.

Every team has its own cameraman and sound guy. These two people follow their team absolutely everywhere and aren’t allowed to give the teams clues. They are also swapped out daily so that no relationship can be formed between the production crew and the teams.

Phil has had to wait a shocking 19 hours for a team during season 11, that’s the longest he’s ever had to wait for a team to arrive.

Watch the Once Upon An Island video below for more of these behind the scenes secrets from The Amazing Race.

Image credit: CBS

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