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The biggest cliff jumps in history done by Chase Reinford include a 140ft backflip, 125ft double frontflip, 110ft triple gainer.

Chase is known as a YouTube star for his extreme sports adventures and, in this video, you can see why. He has racked up 950,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Adrenaline Addiction, for videos such as Riding a Bike Off Massive Cliff! (70 ft) and Extreme Cliff Jumping.

As much fun as this may look, he is honest about how the impact of these jumps hurt him, sometimes really severely. Unfortunately, because of YouTube channels like these, people have started doing this for likes on Instagram and, in some cases, they have actually died. I'm not a fan of promoting these kinds of dangerous activities unless you're a professional because some of these fatalities could have easily been avoided.

In remembrance, let's keep in mind of those who have lost their lives joining this social media craze. However, let's also appreciate the dedication of the professionals who do this as a sport.

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