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All book lovers will know that a good book can spark your imagination and even draw you into the book itself. But how do you bring a book to life for others to see the imaginative side of a good story?

Well, self-described "bookstagrammer" Elizabeth Sagan has solved the problem in the most creative way ever. She pays homage to her love of literature by arranging her huge collection into imaginative book art displays.

Sagan has been sharing her love of books with her Instagram followers for several years now, and she never seems to run out of creative ideas. One could say that she is an artist when looking at her colourful book arrangements.

The bookworm snaps the images from above, and the cleverly combined books create literary scenes. Sagan is pictured in every creative layout, where she acts out each narrative and theme. In one image, she's seen surfing on a "wave" of blue-coloured books, while in another, Sagan lays in between a collection of black books, placed to look like massive vampire wings.

Besides running her popular Instagram account, Sagan also co-curates My Book Features with fellow bookstagrammer James Trevino. Here, the duo shares creative book art images from a worldwide community of story lovers.

To see more of Sagan's book creations, scroll down. 

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