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The majority of digital artists utilise Photoshop or other comparable software, but Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 77-year-old Japanese artist, prefers to use Microsoft Excel to create his stunning artwork. His "paintings" are extraordinarily detailed pieces that imitate classic Japanese paintings that present picturesque vistas of natural landscapes replete with cultural allusions.

"I never used Excel at work, but I thought I could probably draw with that when I saw other people making pretty graphs," the artist says.

"Graphics software is expensive, but most computers already have Excel installed," he continues. Additionally, it is simpler to use and offers more features than [Microsoft] Paint. 

Horiuchi even experimented with Microsoft Word, but he didn't like how limited its paper size was. The artist has far more flexibility to develop his works in Excel. Horiuchi has won competitions with his work since he discovered the program's artistic functions and his ability to use the software's capabilities. He most famously won first place at the Excel Autoshape Art Contest in 2006.

Horiuchi has recently drawn the interest of Great Big Story after receiving recognition on a global scale in the past few years. The artist gave GBS a behind-the-scenes peek at his creative process by inviting him into his house.

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